Discover countless possibilities with the intelligent myRENZbox!

myRENZbox Parcel Boxes for Single Family Homes

myRENZbox for Single Family Homes

Future-proof your modern housing development with an intelligent parcel management system.

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myRENZbox Parcel Boxes for Student Living

myRENZbox for Student Living

Intelligently managing all parcel deliveries and returns in student residences

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myRENZbox for the Workplace

myRENZbox for your Office

Ensure maximum productivity by enabling employees to receive goods in work with no interruption to their working day or your environment.

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myRENZbox Parcel Boxes for Retail

myRENZbox for Retail

Intelligently managing ‘click and collect’ for online orders.

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myRENZbox Parcel Boxes for Couriers

myRENZbox for Couriers

The ultimate in parcel delivery, turning your last mile into the green mile.

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myRENZbox Parcel Boxes for Construction

myRENZbox for Construction

Enable contact-free, traceable deliveries of components, PPE and administration 24/7 on your sites.

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myRENZbox Bespoke Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox Bespoke

Creating bespoke solutions around your parcel requirements.

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myRENZbox Mobile App

The myRENZbox Mobile Application

The intelligent myRENZbox mobile application for both residents and management staff

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